Lasse Marhaug

Lasse Marhaug (NO)

Saturday 14. January

Lasse Marhaug is the father of Norwegian noise music. The wizard from the north (he just moved back to Steigen after living many years in Oslo) does many things, but let’s focus on his amazing last album Context (2022):

«Trust it’s a rare and near-mythical beast, conjuring vast, treacherous soundscapes illuminated with pangs of sentiment that naturally weave strands of his non-musical practice in their psychosensual lustre and gritty attrition. As he steps into a new phase of his career, we're left with a concluding chapter that stands as a summation and open-ended post-credits reveal. We've no idea where Marhaug might go next, but until then "Context” is a fucking dream.» (Boomkat)

Marhaug is also one of the All Ears founders. Over the years he has helped create so many new spaces for music, both with his own musicianship, running concert series and festivals at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter among other places, as a sound artist, graphic designer, producer, mixer, masterer, fanzine creator (Personal Best) label-runner (Pica disk, O. Gudmundsen’s Minde) and film-maker, and his range of different collaborators is extremely wide.

It’s with great pleasure that we’re presenting his solo show as our grand finale on Saturday evening