Kjetil Møster, Jørgen Træen, Hans Hulbækmo

Kjetil Møster / Jørgen Træen / Hans Hulbækmo (NO)

21:00Saturday 21. May

is Kjetil Møster’s band of choice for All Ears. Being part of the early All Ears-festival crew, he was one of the contributors to its wide musical direction. Møster’s radical musical shifts – ranging from energetic Coltrane-inspired music, straight into pop groups like Datarock, and later years exploring the saxophone’s electroacoustic possibilities, has opened many ears into different musical worlds.

Hulbækmo is an improviser of our time, always curious and heading for new territory, whether that includes flutes, percussion or the occasional hardanger fiddle or jew’s harp, or straight into energetic free jazz surges. His unique way of listening and openness to any kind of music has made him a collaborator of choice for a wide variety of musicians in the past decade.

Træen is definitely also a collaborator of choice, as a production engineer for Susanne Sundfør or …, or making works for Borealis. Recent years he’s been digging deeper into modular synthesizer-territory following the trails of Delia Derbyshire and BBC's radiophonic workshops.

is their first on-stage meeting as a trio.