Jennifer Torrence and Niklas Adam

Niklas Adam and Jennifer Torrence (DK/US)

22:00Saturday 21. May

Seated in a micro-landscape of mechanical percussionists and objects, Niklas Adam and Jennifer Torrence create quivering beds of sound that tangle and shapeshift, traversing propulsive states and constant rhythmic unfolding. The instrument is a linear time distortion apparatus operated by the performers attending febrile miniatures via a WPAN-based sequencing system. An ever-changing static field of small transients combined with synthetic counterparts and scintillating digital mimetic cadences.

Jennifer Torrence and Niklas Adam are multidisciplinary artists working with music, sound, performance, installation and video, based in Oslo. Adam uses programming and electronics to generate instruments and situations with an inherent open sentiment, and examines their ability to break loose from the traditional behavioral patterns of listening, rational thinking and immediacy. Patterns, repetition, perception and memory are recurring themes in the artistic practice. Torrence is a percussionist and performer. She has performed in diverse settings in twenty-five countries across four continents and is currently a member of Pinquins.

Their first recording is soon to be released and All Ears 2022 is their live debut.