Savannah Harris, Mette Rasmussen, Val Jeanty, Petter Eldh


Saturday 14. January

ØKSE is the new band of Savannah Harris and Mette Rasmussen, having it's first encounter by invitation from Saalfelden Jazzfestival august 2022.

ØKSE means AXE in danish. The Axe has a lot of connotations, beeing one of humankind's oldest tools. Axe is also Ashe the life-force that runs through all things, living and inanimate. It is described as the power to make things happen. Ashe is a current or flow, a groove that initiates can channel so that it carries them along their road in life.

Mette Rasmussen - saxophone
Savannah Harris - drums
Petter Eldh - bass
Val Jeanty - SoundChemist

Photo by Žiga Koritnik