Teip Trio + Lene Grenager

Teip Trio + Lene Grenager (NO)

Friday 13. January

TEIP TRIO is texture and melody, revolving in expanses of empty space, drifting in and out of different rooms.

Tides rise and fall,

woodwind and strings merge and dissolve.

Amidst the clamour, a ray of light trembles.


"[...] their interactions are buffered with expanses of empty space - no matter how frantically the woodwind belches or the strings grind, balance is maintained. TEIP TRIO are not the first group to import heavy rock elements into free music, but no one else has found a way to lose the weight without losing the edge." – Bill Meyer, The Wire

Jens-Jonas Francis Roberts – clarinet
Arne Bredesen – guitar
Nicolas Leirtrø – baryton guitar

Lene Grenager is one of Norwegian improvs most consistent and original voices. Over two decades her instrumental investigations have formed a cornerstone in her ensembles SPUNK and LEMUR, further developed and extended in her solo practice. Her trademark is a unique control of the cello’s timbral possibilities. Parallel to her work with improvisation she has composed music for orchestra, sinfonietta, small ensembles, solo and electronic media. Many of her compositions has been recorded and released on labels such as Aurora, Euridice and Øra, as well as on +3DB. 2018 she was awarded Arne Nordheims composers prize.