Friday 13. January

An exciting joker for our festival! This line-up is so fresh we don’t really know how to describe it yet. They don’t exist on the internet, and we came upon them by chance. Daniel Blumberg played at All Ears last year, a unique and present exploration of Festsalen resulted in one of the most inspiring concerts of the whole festival. After being in touch with Joel Grip (bass) about different constellations, this band suddenly came up, a brand new constellation consisting of long-term bandmates Grip and Gerbal (drums) together with Blumberg and Elvin Brandhi - a new acquaintance on the noise-scene. We can’t wait for this show.

VAKA is an exploding band bringing together four strong personalities from today's Post-European improvised and experimental music scene. Their music is hypnotic and cathartic, made from spasmodic rhythms and words of mouth. Their uncommon use of hands, feet and voices redefine sound and form through acoustic instruments and electronic machines. A healing dreaming wake of the ill fated tongue. From the knowledge they developed in bands like [Ahmed], Yeah You! and BAHK, they can deploy an ancient and modern music : all at once (now and then).

Originally from Wales, Elvin Brandhi improvises her texts and builds aberrant rhythms from field recordings, tapes, vinyls, instruments and voices.

Daniel Blumberg is a musician from London operating between song form and improvisation, and also a visual artist who draws with silverpoint.

Joel Grip is a fiddler of situations and transforms them instantaneous through sound and the tension they possess. His tone and timing heralds a long history of bass and its resulting movements.

An eclectic musician, Antonin Gerbal has been developing a unique approach to rhythms and sound for ten years, mainly on drums and percussion.

Elvin Brandhi – vocals, field recordings, tapes, vinyls, instruments
Daniel Blumberg – vocals, guitar
Joel Grip – bass
Antonin Gerbal – drums, percussion